Pattaya a Tropical Playground 

A special administrative district with a colorful reputation, Pattaya City  is located  200kms from Bangkok  in Chon Buri Province in Thailand. This city is viewed as a world famous resort town that offers an amazing array of tourist attractions, entertainment and amenities ever since the American army discovered this once sleepy fishing village as a getaway destination. Since then, Pattaya`s reputation has steadily grown and is presently one of the most preferred resort and beach getaway in Southeast Asia.

After a wave of real estate boom in 1970s and 1980s ,the city become to be known as a sanctuary for sex tourism  however in recent the  government has redeemed its image by transforming it  into a family friendly getaway. That said Pattaya still continues to be an adult tourism zone. If you`re visiting your family or looking for a more subdued spot, make sure to check out Jomtiem Beach in Pattaya. The spot has all the tourist trappings such as beach side hotels, high rise condominiums, shops, restaurants  and bungalow complexes but is a lot quieter than the bustling Pattaya central business district.

Now for the discerning tourist, Pattaya offers top of the range accommodations, sun kissed beaches, international cuisines, and water parks. Some of these attractions and offerings are unrivaled anywhere in the world and are must see if you happen to visit Thailand, the Walking Night sights and sounds;  the vivid glare of neon-signs for  discos, clubs, discos, bars, massage parlors ,go-gos, and other types of nocturnal fun being one of the most famous. Other cities and towns claiming to have their own version of walking night can’t even come close to matching to the kind of night life that’s on offer at Pattaya beach Road. In the Pattaya Bay region lies one of Asia`s biggest beach fronts and also Thailand`s second most visited after Bangkok. This stunning panorama overlooks the heart of the city and Bali Hai Per. Divided in two principal beach fronts, Pattaya Bay Area is both parallel to the city center and also runs from Walking Street to Pattaya Nuea.In addition there are other new tourist attractions within the Greater Pattaya regions such as Ang Sila Old Market, Pattaya Floating Market and Pattaya Old Town that offer traditional customs of the local people.

If Pattaya`s lively night life, shopping opportunities and interesting activities are still not  adequate  to keep you busy 24/7,Pattaya has a wide assortment of  attractions activities  to choose from right from day.

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A Balanced Broad But Detailed History Outline Of Pattaya

Located in the Eastern seaboard of Thailand, Pattaya is a resort   city known for its white beaches, tourist attractions and expatriate communities. Pattaya is a semi autonomous municipal region covering the whole of Na Klua, Nong Prue and some parts of Nong Pa Lai and Huai Yai. This city  lies in the heavily industrialized Eastern Seaboard together with Laem Chabang, Si Racha and Conburi.As of 2013 ,the population census for this city stood at 106,000 for residents who`ve officially registered within the city. Pattaya is at the heartbeat of Pattaya-Chanbori Metropolitan region which houses over 1million residents.

History of Pattaya

The name Pattaya originated from the march of king Phraya Tak and his soldiers from Ayutthaya to Chathaburi that occurred prior to the collapse of previous capital to Burmese raiders in 1767.On arrival on what is present day Pattaya, the local administrator called Nai Klom, was impressed by King Phraya Tak`s demeanor and his soldier’s strict discipline and thus decided to surrender without a fight. The areas where these two groups confronted each other was known as “Thap Phraya) which easily translates to “army of the Phraya” As time went by, this place became to be known as Pattaya-a name derived from the wind blowing from south east to north west at start of  the rainy season. Nowadays the name is simply pronounced as Pattaya.

For many years Pattaya was a small fishing countryside until 1960s when ,during the Vietnam War, 100 US service crew were stationed at close by U-Tapao. It was during this time these American personnel would be driven to Pattaya for a week of relaxation. Despite their short stay, the servicemen found Pattaya an irresistible place and would rave to their colleagues how great it was .The word spread quickly amongst American army located in other parts and Pattaya fast became a hot option to Bangkok.

 What was once fisher men huts lined on the beached were destroyed to make way for a whole range of tourist attractions from high end beach resorts, super deluxe accommodations to mini guest houses..Fishing boats  were customized and adjusted to become visitor boats. Nowadays these powdery white and sun kissed beaches are frequented by sunbathers and swimmers alike from many parts of the globe. Over the years Pattaya has become a hot and preferred beach resort and tourist destination attracting over 4 million visitors a year.

Accommodation in Pattaya

Before settling on place to lodge in Pattaya, you should be aware that not all areas of this scenic city are ideal to stay in. Because the city is spread over a wide area with most of it situated away from tourism activities and attractions, some care is needed when choosing a hotel accommodation or you may find you`ve to cope with serious traffic snare up on daily basis.

If you are like some of those people who enjoy spending their time relaxing in their hotel`s pool this won’t be a big hustle and staying ‘off the beaten track’ may be an ideal way get top notch quality experience for less, however, for most individuals, staying within easy reach of the beach and nightlife will make their vacation a lot more satisfying

In regards to picking a place to stay in Pattaya nearly everyone will have his/her own preference. There are those want to lodge within close proximity to the nightlife and then there are those that place high priority on quieter places for a good night`s sleep. Luckily there are several good options at the heart of Pattaya that cater for most preferences and tastes. These write up highlights some of the most popular hotel accommodations together with a few carefully picked hotels and resorts to help you locate one that meets your tastes